Cultural Diversity


In the content of this unit, you have explored and discovered many aspects of diversity in the workplace. The importance of companies having an understanding of diversity and its impact on all facets of the culture of that company are key factors in ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace environment. With that in mind please address the following prompts in your discussion this week.

  • What are the challenges when an organization practices valuing diversity and inclusion?
  • Identity three specific challenges that organizations might face and create a strategy on how they can be overcome.
  • Is it the responsibility of the employer to ensure a work environment which is bias-free and inclusive for all employees?  If not, whose responsibility would it be?  Defend your choice.
  • How can your potential strategy be developed to increase diversity and inclusion within the workplace? What tools from our Unit 6 content might help you get the job done?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.


Respond to one peer post.

As you respond to a peer’s post consider the following:

  • What role does your peer feel diversity plays in promoting a safe work environment?  How does your peer’s viewpoint agree/disagree with your own?
  • Add one specific tip or insight into how the peer can enhance or further empower the strategy they create for their organization.
  • Compare and contrast the tools from Unit 6 you considered to help develop your strategy to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace with those presented by your peer.  What new insights have emerged?

Assignment 2

please follow the instructions

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