Policy & Advocacy

Every president has a common goal, to provide good governance, and effective management of the country’s fund in a way to meet the ultimate needs of the society. However, each president has his own strategic plan to implement policies but the ultimate goal is to be successful implementation of these policies. The Health care policy in America has undergone various changes under the different leadership of the last three presidents of the United States of America, former president Bush, Former President Obama and President Trump. All health policy discussions boil down to one of these three categories quality/safety of care, access to care, and cost of care. Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M. (2019). Para 1 pg 173.

President Bush saved cost when he created the market-based Medicare Prescription Drug benefit, He also went ahead to add preventive drug screening, and increase market competition and choices by stabilizing and expanding private plan options through the Medicare advantage plan., the President was also able to secure the enactment of Health Savings Accounts as an option for the non-Medicare population. Nina Owcharenko Schaefer & Robert Moffit (2004) President did a lot of specific positive changes to the health policy which has made him a positive game player to the health care industry.

The Affordable Care Act was created by former President Obama’s to help improve the health care system. The Obama care as it is called was somewhat successful because more Americans were able to afford health insurance under this act. As many as 20 million Americans have benefited from the Obamacare act. Dylan Scott, (2017) However, it had its pitfalls which had to do with the pre-existing condition did not go well with insurance companies. Some institutions resulted in refusing some insurance plans obtained under this act and chose to collect payment from the patient. The advantage was a drop in the price of health care because the hospitals were not able to charge insurance companies that they did not participate in.

Under the Trump administration effort was made to change significant change to the Affordable care Act, but to no avail. The ability to make an effective change or form policies to improve healthcare for American people has not been successful under the Trump leadership. The removal of the Affordable care act would result in increased health care for most Americans. Rather President Trump stopped reimbursing insurers who waived deductibles and copayments for 6 million low-income customers all in an attempt to weaken the affordable care act. Kimberly Amadeo (2020)

Kimberly Amadeo (2020) also stated that in an attempt to negotiate drug prices with drug companies, he reformed rebates between the drug companies, pharmacy and health insurance companies which only resulted to everyone paying different prices for the same drug. The rebates create incentives for PBMs to suggest higher-cost drugs. PBMs are also allowed to charge insurers more than they’re charging pharmacies.


Under my leadership, I will take time to study the policies on health insurance and educate myself to better understand the problem and what issues have led to loopholes in the health care policies that are currently available. I will also create awareness through programs to educate the public on the importance of preventive care and its impact on reducing the cost of health care. Avenues will be made to find out where the current policy has failed in order to develop strategic amendments to better serve the people.

I would encourage a form of support from the government to inform a subsidy to help mostly Americans who cannot afford health insurance.

I will also implement tax cuts to encourage insures to stay healthy by improving their lifestyle, and participating in preventive care which should be offered at a very low cost by the insurance companies.

Milstead, J. A.  and Short, N. M. (2019). Made emphasis on the fact, that a major influence on the price of health insurance, is the geographical location. I will make insurance cost marginal across all geographical location, regardless of the state. Cost of health insurance will create a more uniform trend if the cost can be made the same across all states. In this case, there will be less influence on the pricing of health insurance. This is because the number of participating insurance companies, as well as variable policies and prices, are driven by market forces in each state (Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation, 2016)……..about this discussion and need to replay a comment which has to be posted as a discussion for me with at least one page longer and two references…please