Effect of Type 2 diabetes

Your paper should include: 1) a clear introduction of the physiological area/mechanism and why it is important to study; 2) a review of the relevant literature in the area, including support with data, figures, tables, etc, 3) a conclusion that summarizes the major points and revisits the importance of the topic. As such papers should be divided into 3 parts: introduction (1-2 pages), body (6-8 pages) and summary/conclusions (1-2 pages). These page lengths for each section are suggestions and do not have to be adhered to strictly. However, the purpose is to provide some guidance on how to organize a paper that is 8-12 pages in length (not including references, figures, tables, etc). Papers should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1”page margins. Your paper needs to be completed in Microsoft Word format. The paper represents 30% of the final course grade and therefore high quality work will be expected. Marks will be allocated in the following manner: Overall quality of paper (10%) Was the paper clearly written and organized. Were data, tables, and/or figures described effectively. Were all resources used in the paper appropriately referenced using APA format. Content (20%) Were the most relevant and high-quality scientific studies included in the paper. Was the information presented accurately. Did the introduction identify the rationale for the topic and identify the major points of discussion. Did the body of the talk discuss the major points of the topic. Was the topic well explained with accurate data, figures or tables. Did the summary/conclusion effectively “wrap-up” the topic and revisit the original importance of the topic. Were areas for future investigation considered.