Health behavior

for this project i don’t need a cover page so do not send me a paper with a cover page i only need you to follow this instructions the paper said that you have 21 days where you have to follow a health change i did said that i saturated in september 7 by doing two house of gym in this two hours i did 30 minutes of cardio and abb exercises create a fake log saying what i did also say that i change my diet like eating more fruits i did excersise 5 dats monday to friday and weekdays i rest say that my goal was to loose 5 pound my weight before i began was 146 and know my weight is 140 so i accomplish my goal successfully also creat fake logs and used in the log part used fake ones but make it all 5 days the same log and weekdays it was rest and eat healthy submitted the logs that profesor ask me just send me one i will repeat 4 of them just send me one of the logs okay you have a week to delivered i high quality paper i want to have an A in that project Class Project: Choose a health related behavior that you think you need to change/improve or wish to change/improve. Based on the lectures, class discussions, and readings, you choose one of the health behavioral models. You will develop a plan on how best to make to improve you health behavior. For example, for 21 consecutive days you will focus on a goal to improve one specified area of your life. Maybe you want to improve your diet with increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and decreasing the sugary beverages intake. Or you want to improve your physical activity level, or manage your stress… You need to set up achievable goals and a time frame. The project should be typewritten, 12 point font-1 inch margins, double spaced and 8 ½ x 11” paper. The paper should be included: 1. Introduction (15 points) 2. Goals (20 points) 3. Plan (20 points) 4. Daily log (15 points) 5. Evaluation and results (15 points) 6. Conclusion (15) 1-Introduction Write brief information about your health behavior. Before you start the behavior change, write a personal wellness reflection. Describe what behavior you want to change and why? What is your history with trying to change this behavior? Did you tried before? What was the outcome(s) of the pervious plan? (Briefly explain the reasons of success or failure). Why it is important to you to change the behavior? How the outcome of behavior change will affect to your future? 2-Goals When you are setting your goals you should answer these questions: What you will do to change the behavior? When you will do? Where you will do? How many times or how often you will do it? The goals should be achievable. Your need to represent a time frame for your goals. 3- Plan Describe your plan in detail. What support or tools will you need? What skills do you need to learn before starting the plan? What will be the barriers? How you are going to deal with the barriers? What will be the benefit of changing the behavior? What is your plan to maintenance the behavior after you change it? 4- Daily logs You need to track you behavior for a period of time (three weeks). It will help you to evaluate your progress. Please use the below Apps or computer trackers or any other journals to track the behavior. You do not need to submit all days you tracked your behavior, you need to submit only 5 random days (four weekdays and one weekend) and describe the other days in your report. 5-Evaluation Once you collected data means you have your daily behavior log You should: 1- Review it 2- Analyze why you engaged on that behavior 3- Analyze why you decided to change 4- How you are/were successful in changing the behavior? 5- Did your goals are/were achievable? 6- Did you have/had barrier(s)? 7- If yes, what were the barriers? 8- How did you deal with barriers? 9- What is you prediction for future? 10- How you are going to maintenance the behavior in the future? 6-Conclusion Describe what benefit did you get from the changing of the behavior and how it will affect to your academic performance or your personal life. What be the log term benefit of the changing the behavior? How long do you think you will be able to maintenance the new habit? What did you learn about the health field from this project? How did this project related to the discipline you are studying?