Capstone Proposal

In eight pages, write a proposal AND CONSULT WITH ME ON THE TOPIC BEFORE BEGINNING FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OUTLINED IN THE FIRST ATTACHMENT LABELED 1 ALSO, USE THE IRB PROPOSAL TEMPLATE AS A GUIDE IN THE SECOND ATTACHMENT LABELED 2IRB YOU CAN ALSO USE THIS LINK This proposal needs to include the background description of the problem you intend to study, a literature review of the problem, the population you intend to study and whom you intend to work with to get access to that population, a testable research hypothesis, then a detailed set of methods for your study including site, how you will recruit participants, what variables you will use and how you will measure them, how you will collect, store and analyze the data, what statistical analyses you will use, and what you expect might be the findings. Whatever topic CHOSEN, the DATA must be based from the state of Maryland, District of Columbia, or Virginia or all three. The project needs to address a real public health problem. The project could be in any area of public health: infectious disease, chronic disease, injury, maternal and child health, environmental health, behavioral health, or health services delivery. The project should be designed such that its findings can be reasonably expected to make a significant difference in the attack on that public health problem for a real population. The project should be extensive enough to challenge the student’s capacities The student should be realistically able to complete the project within the allotted time frame and with the available financial resources. THIS PAPER WILL EVENTUALLY LEAD TO 32 PAGES BUT THE FIRST 8 PAGES MUST PASS THE IRB!