Community Health

DIRECTIONS: Choose a Target Population to conduct your Community Health Assessment on (Examples: Elderly, Children, Infants, Pregnant Women, Pregnant Teens, a Minority Group, Homeless, an Ethnic Group, etc. – Pick just one) Choose a Community Locale where this group is found – preferably in your home town and the Jackson/Madison County location, but it may also be Tennessee or the United States. THIS IS THE LOCATION YOU WILL COLLECT YOUR DATA ON AND CONDUCT YOUR ASSESSMENT. Prepare an 8 – 10 page APA Formatted Assessment Paper, to include: Title Page Reference Page 3 References properly APA cited in the paper and properly APA listed on the Reference page. These references cannot be more than 5 years old. (These references may be the ones you collect your data and statistics from, or an article concerning the target audience, or areas that need improvement, etc. You can use faculty resources/assistance in the “Writing Center” to help you properly format and write your paper. Contact Dr. Brice for this help. Your paper should include the following areas of information: (You need to cover each major area in your paper, but you do not have to cover each item under each section.) Pick information you can find to talk about and use references to talk about statistics/data that supports what you are writing about as you assess your target group. Each of the following sections MUST be a heading in your paper: Biophysical Considerations: Include age composition of the group you selected What is the racial and ethnic composition of the group? What is the proportion of males to females of the group? What are the cause-specific morbidity rates for the group? What are the cause-specific mortality rates for the group? Psychological Considerations: What stressors affect the health of this group? What significant events may have occurred in the history of this group? And what was the group’s response to these events? What are the group’s prospects for the future? How adequate are protective services? Physical Environmental Considerations: Where is the group located (Urban, rural region, what community or city)? What is the quality of housing for the group (affordability, availability, in good repair?) Is there evidence of environmental pollution that may affect health? Sociocultural Considerations: What cultural groups are represented in the population you are assessing? What languages are spoken? What is the general education level of the group? What education resources and facilities are present? What is the income level and distribution within this group? What is the marital status of the group? What is the typical family structure? How accessible are goods and services to members of the group? Behavioral Considerations: What is the nutritional level of the group? What is the extent of drug, alcohol and/or tobacco use in the group What exercise and leisure opportunities are available to the population? What is the attitude of the group toward sexual activity and contraceptive use? Health System Considerations: What types of primary, secondary and tertiary preventive services are available? How accessible are these services and are they adequate to meet the needs of the population? Are the services culturally relevant to members of the population? To what extent are health care services utilized? What barriers exist to utilizing these services? How are health care services financed for the group (Medicaid, Private Insurance, Self-Pay?) Health Promotion Strategies: What types of Health Promotion Strategies are already present in the community to assist your group? Overall Problems Encountered: What are the overall problems encountered by the group in the community (not just health related.) Resources Still Needed: List the needed resources in the community that your group still require to function (Examples: Education Needs, Healthcare Needs, Transportation Needs, Food, and Housing Needs, Etc.) The following are the requirements for this writing assignment: Paper is to be 6 pages long. Page 1 is your Title Page. Last Page is your References Page. Remainder of the 8-10 pages is the Body of Your Paper. All Sections above MUST be Headings. You must use APA Format when writing your paper (ex. – Title Page, Reference Page, Citations) Your Margins are to be 1” on all 4 sides, Times New Roman Font, and 12 Pitch for your Paper. You will also be graded on Grammar, Spelling, Style and Proofreading. LOOK AT SAMPLE PAPER, APA FORMATING EXAMPLES, AND APA RESOURCES