Bone Health & Osteoporosis

This module introduces you to the primary vitamins and minerals responsible for bone development, health and repair. You will examine the composition and construction of bone and the crucial role nutrients play in order to maintain healthy bones. Osteoporosis is a major disease risk for many elderly people in the United States. You will look in depth at the factors that influence the development of this disease and the role nutrition can have in preventing this debilitating disorder. You will also look at ways that vitamins and minerals help to generate energy from macronutrients as well as regulating hormones and enzymes crucial to regulating our metabolisms. In addition, you will study the nutrients vital to blood health, from blood clotting to transporting oxygen in the blood, specific vitamins and minerals are necessary to monitor and regulate blood health. Module Six Assignment #1 Bone Health & Osteoporosis Must be submitted by Sunday, April 2nd 11 pm. Powerpoint Project Design a Powerpoint presentation with the specific prompts listed for each slide. Slide #1: Title Slide Slide #2: Calcium & Vitamin D Describe the importance of Calcium & Vitamin D for Bone Health Describe the recommended amounts of Calcium & Vitamin D for infants, children, teenagers, adults and seniors List foods abundant in Calcium & Vitamin D (not just Dairy foods) Health problems associated with not consuming adequate amounts of these nutrients Slide #3: Osteoporosis Describe Osteoporosis Influences of Osteoporosis Treatment of Osteoporosis Nutritional prevention of Osteoporosis Slide #4: Calcium Meal Plan WITHOUT using Milk or Supplements, describe foods/beverages that can be included in a daily meal plan to add up to 1200mg Calcium (make sure options are low calorie, healthy choices) Make sure to distribute the Calcium rich foods/beverages amongst breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks Also make sure to give estimated serving size amounts, calories and total calcium for your chosen food/beverage