Barriers to Accepting Health Information Technologies

Your submission must include an APA-formatted cover sheet. Step Two: Designing a Research Survey & Soliciting Participants- Part A. Creating a Cover Letter Create a one (1) page cover letter that discusses the following: An overview of the topic/study [Hint Hint “Refer to the assigned topic “Barriers to Accepting Health Information Technologies”] State the purpose/need of the study State the variables of the study [please see below] State the hypothesis [please see below] State your sample size and explain the reasoning behind the selected size Discuss the expected benefits of the study Discuss how you plan to pilot test the survey before soliciting participants Include an official statement requesting participation in the study Identify and explain any associated risk(s) by participating in the study. In addition, discuss your plan(s)/measure(s) to ensure the confidentiality, privacy and security of the collected data gathered from completed surveys State a specific deadline to complete the survey, shall not exceed sixty (60) days [state in the format of Month, Date & Year] Share your data retention schedule and the process of discarding the collected data [provide specifics on how the data will be discarded and the time frame of completion] Closing Remarks (along with your contact information) [Include the name and contact number of the designed person of contact, any closing notes etc.] H0: Health Information Technology is independent of the barriers to accepting Health Information Technologies. There will be the easy accessibility of health services by patients and improved health service delivery if the health information systems are implemented. H1: Health Information Technology is dependent on the barriers to accepting Health Information Technologies. No improved health service delivery nor easy access to health services by patients if the health information systems are implemented. Part B. Survey Design Having identified the variables and hypothesis in the previous steps, design a five (5) question survey as it relates to the assigned research topic “Barriers to Accepting Health Information Technologies”. The survey must consist of a mix of opened-ended and closed-ended questions. Be sure to include the answer choices as well for each question.