Cancer Research

Cancer Research Search the web to find a reputable peer-reviewed study about cancer that is less than 7 years old. I recommend using they have a search function and anything you find on there will be acceptable. Find an article that is describing some sort of primary research involving nutrition and cancer. This means that the people who wrote the article actually did the research, as opposed to an article where the authors are describing someone else’s research. Do not choose a supplemental writing or a review. See the attached document for further explanation on the difference between primary research and review articles. If you have an interest, like colon cancer, rosemary, or vitamin E (these are just examples, you can choose anything nutrition related) then type it in the search box. Some of the articles will be too detailed for this class. Find one that you can read and understand. If you would like to search by journal, try the Journal of Nutrition, Nutrition, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, or something similar. Once you have found the article you would like to use, click on the link to access the abstract. In most cases, the abstract will be sufficient for this assignment; you do not need the entire article. 1. (10pts) Ensure that your submission meets the following criteria: Complete citation is included (see the citation example below for help). An appropriate primary research article per the instructions is chosen To decrease chances of plagiarism detection software flagging your assignment, do not use the same study as one of your classmates 2. (25pts) Use your text and class notes to help you determine what type of study is represented in your article. The choices are laboratory(animal), laboratory (in-vitro-this means outside of a living system), observational (epidemiological/cross-sectional), observational (longitudinal/cohort) or experimental (clinical). Explain how you know that you chose the right study category. In your own words, summarize the study. Be sure to summarize the type of cancer studied as well, relationship to nutrition, and relevance to diet. This section should be at least 750 words. You may use outside sources to add to the summary for more detail and clarification. Citation Example — will help you find articles. Click “journals” and then “MEDLINE” or “Pub to search for articles. —Examples : Journal of Nutrition, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Journal of the American Medical Association, etc. — Try to find recent articles for your topic (not older than 2007). — When citing a primary reference, do NOT include the URL — If you have questions, please ask! — Cite your references using APA or AMA styles. For example: Reference to a journal article: Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume (issue), page numbers. Example below: Pandolfini, C., Clavenna, A., & Bonati, M. (2009). Quality of cystic fibrosis information on Italian Websites. Informatics for Health & Social Care, 34(1), 10-17. Note: If there are more than 7 authors, list the first three followed by et. al. Also note: Do not cite journal articles as web sources