Critical Analysis Essay on childhood obesity

Rubric: 1. The introduction provides appropriate background information and introduces the focus of the essay. The thesis statement is clear, narrow, and provides a reasonable road map for the reader. 2. Each paragraph throughout the essay is well-developed with a clear topic sentence that directly relates to the thesis statement. The paragraph’s supporting details are specific and include adequate evidence (e.g. personal observation, facts, statistics, and credible quotes) appropriate for intended audience and purpose. Transitions are used between paragraphs and within paragraphs, showing a deliberate organizational pattern. Paragraphs use repeated key terms and ideas and content within paragraphs relate specifically to the topic sentence. 3. The essay reflects a critical analysis of the topic with clear reasoning, evidence and concrete examples. 4. The conclusion is more than mere summary, adding significant value to the essay. For instance, one might restate stance and provide suggestions for the future. Total for this section Sources & Documentation (x2) 1. Essay uses appropriate source material and integrates quotes, paraphrases and summaries appropriately in text, using signal phrases to introduce cited material. 2. The essay employs MLA or APA in-text citation techniques and provides a Works Cited or Reference page at the end of the document. Total for this section Grammar/Mechanics (x1) 1. The essay avoids fragments, run-ons, subject-verb disagreement, spelling errors, common comma errors, and additional grammatical/mechanical errors. The essay has been edited. It also avoids the use of the second person (you). 2. The essays employs sentence variety and adheres to proper capitalization and Standard English, meaning there is no text language or information clichés or slang. Additional instruction:•The assignment is typed and is between 1,300 to 1,700 words. •The assignment uses the proper format and adheres to citation guidelines. •The assignment includes at least three sources with in-text citations and a works cited. •The assignment incorporates summaries, paraphrases and quotations. Assignment Description Using the topic you are exploring for your final research paper, select a source about that topic to analyze. Adhere to the following: •The essay should NOT be a summary of the piece. •Identify the purpose and claim (thesis) of the piece. •Analyze the main ideas of the topic and determine the following: ◦Identify the purpose of the piece. Is it to inform or persuade? ◦Identify the credibility of the piece. Who is the author? ◦Identify the argument within the piece and the evidence used. ◦Identify weaknesses of the piece •Use two sources about the topic that help you further analyze the piece you chose. These sources may be in agreement with the statements or could help you understand the evidence used. They may also allow you to determine weaknesses