Ethical-Legal Decision-Making Informatics

Create Part 1 of the three-part Proposal on the topic of decision-making for informatics during a disaster. The focus is how to keep communications and the flow of health information working across all systems in the real world and/or at your place of employment. Part 2 will be added in Unit 5 and Part 3 will be added in Unit 7 to complete the proposal. Look ahead to examine how this Assignment fits together and to plan your time management. In Part 1, add the following critical elements: •Write an introduction based on a literature review of disaster management related to informatics and communications including the role of the informatics leader including traits and foundations for ethical-legal self-awareness. •Explain literature supported steps to optimize communications before, during, and after a disaster event including the elements of the informatics disaster plan that provide data safety, storage, recovery, and safety options to prevent data loss and a dhere to the requirements of electronic and personal health record laws. •Using what you created in the Unit 1 Discussion Board, craft one combined communication and information technology change model that will become the theoretical framework for the proposal including security policies, procedures, and recovery plans for data and service delivery during a disaster . End with no conclusion. The last page of this section of the Assignment will be the reference page. In Unit 5, Part 2 of the proposal will be added to Part 1. In Unit 7, Part 3 will be added to Part 2, completing the proposal. Note: •This is a fact-based Assignment that will not include unsupported opinion. •This will require research and support for what is written. •The proposal should be paraphrased with cites and references from scholarly and fact-based publications and without quotations.