Present a plan for health

Present a plan for health 18 pages APA formatting Masters level writing External Resource Ni Mhurchu, C., Aston, L., & Jebb, S. (2010). Effects of worksite health promotion interventions on employee diets: a systematic review. Open in New Window Previous Next Workplace wellness programs encourage people to start taking steps toward health care prevention by teaching them about healthy decision-making. These programs are designed to decrease health care costs, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. It is believed that proper health screenings and small changes toward a healthier lifestyle can prevent many illnesses in America. The most valuable resource a company has is its employees. By investing time and money into them, the company will reap the benefits of having more focused and healthier employees. For employees, workplace wellness programs can lead them towards living a healthier lifestyle and becoming much healthier people. Depending on what a company offers, you, as an employee, can learn how to reduce stress, control your sugar levels, and even lose weight. The support you will receive from your co-workers will help you achieve your health goals. From eating a healthy lunch together to forming a racquetball tournament, you will develop a feeling of camaraderie between colleagues. Social influences are a major part of a healthy life style. You will receive encouragement from peers as well as the ability to encourage others around you to live healthy. For employers, these wellness programs proved to have a considerable return on their investments. The amount of money it takes for companies to start and maintain these programs is a non-issue when compared to what they save with increased productivity and reduced costs spent on sick leave and insurance premiums. Having company support is a good start to living a healthier lifestyle. No matter what the approach, workplace wellness programs can help make a positive change in your job, life and the community. Implementing these programs is just one way employers around the country are creating a healthier and more productive workforce. 1. Analyze the factors in worksite health promotion. 2. Analyze potential challenges that may occur when determining needs and interests of employees. 3. Develop a set of program goals for a corporate wellness initiative. 4. Develop a health promotion philosophy in corporate wellness. 5. Design a strategic plan for wellness program. 6. Create strategies in corporate wellness for a healthy culture. 7. Synthesize the components to promote wellness programs. 8. Recommend a corporate wellness initiative. Resources Worksite Health Promotion 3rd edition David H Chenoweth PhD, FAWHP Bhawuk, D.P.S., & Triandis, H. (n.d.). Culture and evolution of culture theories. Unpublished manuscript. 1. Scott, M. L., & Nowlis, S. M. (2013). The Effect of Goal Specificity on Consumer Goal Reengagement. Link 2. Smarta (2013). How to develop a marketing strategy. Link 3. Engbers, L. (2007). Monitoring and evaluation of worksite health promotion programs – Current state of knowledge and implications for practice. Link