Nursing Policy

This is a 10 page paper with minimum of 8-10 references. If you decide to use a state legislation; use Maryland. I have attached in this mail a sample of well-written paper posted by instructor for you to look at and a rubric. Paper – This 10-page paper will examine proposed federal or state legislation and its effects on health care organizations, health care providers, and consumers and will include: ·An analysis of proposed federal or sate legislation including its social, political and economic impact on affected health care organizations, providers, and consumers. 25 points toward Paper grade · Identification of benefits and problems associated with the implementation of the statute, if enacted. · 25 points toward Paper grade · Identification of the proponents and opponents of the proposed statute and the reasons for their support or opposition. 25 points toward Paper grade · Alternative strategies to amend the statute or shape its implementation, as necessary, to benefit health care organizations, providers, and consumers. 25 points toward Paper grade I am strongly suggesting that you use subheads throughout your 10 page paper (adhere to the page limit) and answer each of the bullet points as indicated within your rubric that is within the syllabus . Each of the four sections is worth a total of 25 points and I will be following that criteria while grading and scoring . Develop each of those sections fully as based on the literature . I am suggesting 8 to 10 quality references to support your work. An abstract is not required but you may choose to provide one. You may concentrate your paper on any piece of proposed federal or state legislation. Don’t be shy about contacting constituents offices to talk with staffers to learn more about supporters of the bill and the opposition. You are completing preparatory work for lobbying . You will not actually lobby. You only have to complete the analytical work that is preparatory to lobbying. Move yourself through answering each of the four sections of the paper as noted in the syllabus You may wish to get started by going to the house and senate websites to know who are your members of congress (, For more information on bills sponsored or co-sponsored go to ( and search the word health. Other resources ( www.the nursing will give you information on federal nursing funding, legislation on nursing practice, education and research and most importantly for you advanced practice nursing issues and bills. You may also wish to explore the ANA ( and websites of your individual specialty nursing organizations. A few past examples of federal legislative priorities that students were interested in exploring were CHIP (reauthorizing the funding for children’s coverage), Safe Patient Handling (HR 2480); Safe Staffing ( R 1821 Barriers to Nursing Care such as home health certification (HR 2504 Hospital admission certification (HR 4663) and DME certification (HR 3833). These are just a few past examples of impending federal legislation at the time at stake for nursing as example . Please, lets chart