Health Promotion Teaching Plan

Health Promotion Teaching Plan Hi Everyone, I wanted to review a few things before you write your teaching plans. The plan is due at the end of week 7. To clarify, you will take one nursing-related topic that you would want to teach a group that you had identified during week 1, and plan it out from beginning to end. Details and specifics are really important to include here. The goal is to be so specific that any reader, even a non-nurse, should be able to take your teaching plan and repeat it from start to finish. For example, I don’t want you to tell me that an article on diabetes management was given to the learner. In this example, I would want you to tell me: The article, Diabetes Care in the Elderly, was given to this patient because this article does a great job describing the steps needed for an elderly person to be able to identify and manage diabetic problems. All of the following areas should be identified and addressed in your paper: 1) Identification of learners, (the group’s prior level of knowledge, perception of learning needs, attitude toward learning, social/cultural/physical factors affecting learning, diagnostic statements). These should be specific to your population. For example, if you choose a pre-school group, you need to make sure language and activities are appropriate for them. 2) Learner objectives (must be measurable) – should have at least 3 (short-term, intermediate, long-term) 3) Topic and content 4) Methods & Materials needed for teaching 5) Teaching sessions, number, length, etc. 6) Evaluation of teaching plan: how will you know it worked? What went well? What didn’t? The goal is to create and perform this teaching & health promotion plan. I have found in the past that students often have difficulty writing objectives. Attached are 2 files about how to write objectives, that I hope you find to be helpful tools in this process. Health Promotion Teaching Plan The purpose of this assignment is for students to incorporate the principles of health promotion in the development and implementation of a teaching plan to a selected population. The convenience population for the project will be at the discretion of the student. Students will 1) access their group, 2) evaluate the group’s learning needs, and 3) implement a teaching plan related to health promotion and self care..The teaching plan must be health oriented and approved by faculty prior to developing the plan. The teaching plan should be based on theoretical principles of learning and demonstrate appropriate instruction based on the type of learning that is required. Assessment of the population must include special considerations, as appropriate, for the unique learning needs of the learner, for example developmental levels, cultural considerations, and special learning needs. Individuals may use their creativity in developing and implementing the teaching plan to the selected group. A written assessment of the learners (part 1), learner objectives (part II), outline of the teaching plan (part Ill), and evaluation (part IV) is to be completed after the teaching session has occurred and submitted in a Word. docx. vi Grading Rubric Criteria Possible Points Actual Points and Comments I. Assessment of learning needs of group • Knowledge level • Developmental level • Cultural considerations • Special learning needs • Preferred learning style • Readiness to learn • Health status 20 II. Learner objectives • Include three domains of learning (affective cognitive, psychomotor) • Learner centered • Clear, concise, measureable 15 Ill. Teaching plan • OutIine of content accurate, clear, appropriate for learner • Content health related • Teaching-learning strategies based on appropriate theoretical principles 25 10/09/15 NUR352SI: Professional Nursing 1 vii IV. Evaluation • Evaluation strategies clearly identified in teaching plan • Evaluation strategies evaluate learner objectives • Evaluation strategies appropriate for learner • Evaluation strategies include formative and summative evaluation • Evidence of teacher evaluation • Identify strengths and weaknesses, barriers, areas for improvement of teachinglearning activity 20 Correct APA guidelines followed 10 Grammar and Writing Style 10 Total 100