Legal and ethical critical reflection

We were asked to watch a you tube clip and post our opinions/responses on an online discussion board. I have attached a transcript from the you tube clip and my postings to the discussion board. Write an evaluative report on your experiences engaging in a legal and ethical online discussion. (a) an evaluative statement demonstrating engagement with the networked learning experiences of the discussion board posting. (900 words); The evaluative statement is all about your engagement with the networked learning experience. Evaluate if posting to the forum and talking about these issues with your peers was an effective way to learn and engage with the content. Think about; • How did you feel when you read your colleagues postings? • Did other postings contradicted your moral or ethical beliefs or confirmed your prior beliefs? • Did your posting or a colleagues posting comply or not comply with RN standards for practice? (b) a reflective statement on your development as a critical thinker and reflective practitioner and the implications for your role as a registered nurse. (900 words) Part B is all about your development as a critical thinker and reflective practitioner. Reflect on the task and develop a statement on how it helped you to develop your critical thinking. Think about; • What does the experience suggest to you about your strengths? • What does the experience suggest to you about your weaknesses and opportunities for development? • Has your values and assumptions been questioned? Referencing requirements: Use at least five (5) reference sources in total. All sources must be of academic standard and not older than 5 years since publication (sources must have been published from 2012 onwards) • Use in-text citations to identify other people’s ideas and words. These in-text citations must follow the APA (6th ed.) referencing style. • Quotes must be in quotation marks and the in-text citation must include the page number. Do not refer to self in the first person as this is a formal academic essay. I have included the marking rubrik. Please pay careful attention to this and aim for HD. I have also added other resources. Thank you!