Health Care Information Systems and Technologies

Assignments PowerPoint Presentation: Please refer to class schedule for due date and time Choose one topic from the examples listed relating to healthcare information systems and technologies. Examples: • Regulatory requirements related to information system technology • TIGER Initiative transforming nursing leadership • Biomedical, Information and Knowledge technology • Information Systems and Healthcare Quality Improvement • Implementing Health Information Technology • Future Trends and Issues related to healthcare information technology • Nursing leaderships role in improving the quality of healthcare through the implementation of information system technology Develop a VoiceThread (VT) PowerPoint Presentation on your selected topic. Instructions for developing a VoiceThread PowerPoint Presentation can be found in the following link: The instructions can also be found in the Mod C tab. Please refer to VT PowerPoint Presentation grading rubric located in Module C. The VT PowerPoint Presentation should include the following: A. Title slide and Introduction a. Name of the student b. “Creative” title of the presentation Summer 2017 Page 2 of 2 NURS4375 Module C Information Systems and Quality Management Introduction c. Topic of interest d. Overview of the topic e. Why you selected this topic B. Impact: From your research identify and substantiate four areas related to your topic that have been or will be impacted by healthcare information systems and technology C. Challenges: From your research identify and discuss four challenges that professional nurses have encountered or will encounter related to your topic. D. Summary E. Evidence: Topic is supported by three or more scholarly references F. Scholarly Presentation/Formatting • Use of bullets • Creativity, visually appealing G. APA Style Citations/Reference list H. Communication Skills: • Communication skills include effective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication. • Oral presentation includes clear voice, enthusiasm, correct and precise pronunciation of words and grammar and confidence Module C Exam Each student will complete the Module C Exam located in the Tests & Quizzes tab in Sakai. The exam is a twenty-five question, multiple choice test that has been designed to assess the students learning of the module content. It is acceptable to use the text during the exam and each student should complete the exam independently. Questions will appear on the screen one at a time, students will not be able to revisit questions or go back to questions (therefore do not skip questions). Students will have ninety minutes to complete the exam prior to the deadline date. The exam will not be opened after the due date, unless prior arrangements have been made with the course faculty. The exam is based upon the application of the six learning outcomes that are presented on page 186, Chapter 11 of the Yoder-Wise textbook. Please refer to Exam blueprint located in Module C.