Community Health Plan

Using the data from a “windshield” survey of a Southern California hispanic community (for example Azusa, La Puente, Los Angeles, Compton, etc) • Analyze the role of community/public health nursing and community partnerships as they apply to the family’s community. • Analyze the influence of social determinants of health, such as culture and access to resources, in the family’s community. • Compare epidemiological data for the family’s community to state-level data. • Determine at least one community nursing diagnosis that relates to the family’s community. Select one Healthy People 2020 leading health indicator (LHI) that relates to your family’s community. Based on your selected LHI topic: • Identify at least one nursing intervention for each diagnosis above.  • List the health partnership(s) that could or do assist in implementing the interventions in the community. Create a plan for how nurses can advocate within the community for sustained change. Include: • Goal(s) • Planned action  • Needed resources • Timeframe for evaluation