Inpatient treatment

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Student paper down below:

Jack is a 22-year-old who has been experimenting with drugs and alcohol half his life. Jack has completed detoxification, and is about to complete a 30-day inpatient treatment. Jack still needs to do more treatment as an outpatient. Jack’s type of drug he is using is heroin. Heroin addicts are more likely to relapse in their lifetime. Jack needs to attend individual counseling, as well as group counseling. Individual counseling will teach Jack to learn to live his life without drugs. Group counseling will help Jack because he will get to talk to others who are going through the same thing he is going through. They can all help each other by talking to one another and helping each other out through the hard times. Because they have all been through it before or is going through it now. Jack needs to know that it is going to be a long road to recovery.

Jack needs structure in his life. He has never had that growing up. If Jack doesn’t have a structure in his life he will relapse. If Jack starts taking heroin again he could hurt himself or even kill himself by taking too much of heroin. Jack could take the same amount he used to take and he wouldn’t have a tolerance to heroin because Jack already did a detox, if he does heroin again it obviously obsoletes the detox process and he would have to start all over and detox again.

For Jack I feel that CBT will help him. CBT teaches individuals in treatment to recognize and stop negative patterns of thinking and behavior ( CBT would be good for Jack because it will help him to recognize what causes him to use heroin. It will help him recognize that his friends are not positive people to have in his life. He needs to have a positive atmosphere and people around him on his road to recovery so he doesn’t relapse.

I think specialized living situations would help Jack recover. Jack should stay in a halfway house or something like that. I can monitor him through that because he will have rules to follow there. If Jack continues to stay where he is living and hanging out with the people he is around that is going to make Jack go into relapse. Jack needs to stay sober throughout his lifetime.