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Student paper down below:

Jack is a twenty two year old male that had been struggling with heroin and did not have a very good home life as a child. His dad was an alcoholic that took his anger out on Jack’s mom and Jack. Jack did not want to spend time at home so he would hang out with his friends which lead him into the world of drugs. He got arrested for theft and has now been through detoxification and is ready to complete his thirty days in rehab. We need to help Jack not relapse and help him to stay clean and sober.

I think it will be very beneficial for Jack to follow up his thirty days in rehab with a few different outpatient behavioral treatments. For Jack I think that cognitive behavioral therapy would be beneficial for him. “This therapy will help him avoid, recognize, and cope with situations where they want to turn to drugs to make them feel better” (Addiction, 2018). Jack has been doing drugs nearly half his life I think that this will be beneficial for him. Jack will also need a support system since he does not have sound like he has a relationship with his family. Group therapy will also be helpful to Jack to have a support system. He will see how people care for one another without taking their anger out on them. The members in the group will also help him not relapse. In group therapy he will see that other people struggle just like he has and now they have learned to support one another to help them get through life. I believe that one on one therapy is very important to Jack’s recovery to deal with what happened to him with his father. Also how he was treated, to help deal with what has happened to him, which could have led to his addiction. In his one on one session I think going through cognitive behavioral therapy will be beneficial for Jack. “CBT will address destructive thought patterns and teach people how to cope with stress” (How to help, 2018).You can also use contingency management therapy along with CBT. “Contingency management therapy is where you use a reward system for the addict staying drug free” (How to help, 2018).

I believe by Jack attending all these different things like group therapy, one on one therapy that includes CBT and Contingency management therapy it will help him not relapse. It will also show him that there are people that care about him and that will support him. These things will also help him with what happened with his father and his childhood. I believe that will with all these tools to help Jack he will not relapse.