Psychiatrist treating

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I choose the eating disorder anorexia

Imagine you are a Psychiatrist treating a patient who you’ve just diagnosed with this psychological disorder. From the material in this week’s lesson, design a therapy plan that you feel would work BEST for treating your patient with this disorder. Be sure to include all of the following:

  • State the disorder you’re treating and the common symptoms.
  • Discuss the type of treatment(s) you would recommend. Make sure you state the specific treatment approach and use the correct terminology.
  • Describe HOW the therapy, or combination of therapies, would be applied. Be specific and describe the approach you’d take. Incorporate and use other reliable resources as necessary. If you use anything from outside the courseroom and textbook be sure to cite your sources
  • Discuss WHY you think that it is the best choice for treating your patient.

Be sure to use paragraph/essay format, along with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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