Behavioral Therapy

You basically responding to the student it’s a reflective discussion

Student paper down below:

I thought that last week’s discussion board assignment was very interesting to complete as well as to see what perspectives others had. I found that a lot of students felt that some form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would better serve this client and their immediate needs and that most fully explained the concept of the 12 step program and gave supporting information.

In my opinion I felt that a lot of students were quick to come to a conclusion of what steps needed to be taken when we were not presented with a full scope of information. For example a lot of students felt that the client needed detox. I did not think that determination could be made without a thorough assessment to determine the scope of the client’s needs. We do not know what the client had addiction issues with and to what degree as well as any other co-contributing conditions.

I have always felt discussion board assignments to be helpful. Not only does it provide an area to receive constructive criticism, which is necessary for growth, but it provides a broad range of perspectives. I have always felt that discussion boards are a great part of the classes because it facilitates the thought process and collaboration. I do think that students are hesitant to respectfully disagree or expand upon another’s post with their input. I think that if there were a way to encourage (perhaps in a points based way?) a reply to peers who have posted a response to your individual post that it would further facilitate discussion. In my experience if I reply to someone who responded to my post my reply has almost never gotten a reply. Or another example is when you ask a question in response to someone’s post you most often do not get a reply.

I do not have any questions pertaining to this assignment at this time. I feel that between the chat and the discussion board I have a good grasp on the materials. As always, reading my peers’ posts helps to learn the information as well as additional information that may not have been focused on when writing my own post.