Treatment plan

You basically responding to the student it’s a reflective discussion

Student post down below:

After reviewing our last assignment and after reading others’ postings within the discussion board, I still stand true to what I’ve said before. We can always learn something from each other and we can never learn enough. We all have in our mind what we think is the best possible diagnosis, the best treatment plan and the pros and cons, but when we start reading what other’s have posted, we might be enlightened about possible other issues we may not have read or discussed. There are many factors to take into consideration regarding addiction and treatment, and we must always keep our minds open to hear each other’s ideas and opinions. After seeing my oldest brother fail the 12-step program many times, I knew exactly why it didn’t work for him, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work for someone else. However, it is my opinion that when treating someone with an addiction, considering all of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the disease, I do think a more aggressive and hands on treatment plan works better than the 12-step program.

Some of the most compelling points from interaction with other students, was that a few pointed out the person’s current lifestyle, their financial situation, a possible dual diagnosis, which were important, as we weren’t given other information on the person’s behavior, and other factors that can affect the addiction and treatment types needed. It seems to me that everyone has a firm grasp of the course material. In my opinion, we all had some wonderful suggestions and opinions based on the information given within the assignment.

Although I was not able to attend the live chat, I did interact within the discussion board and having our discussions within the board is always a good learning tool, because one of us might point out a factor we may not have realized or discussed. I do think that the live chats are important, as we can interact at that time and have one on one conversations, discussing the situation and giving opinions. I always watch mine through the archives but so many times I wished I was able to attend them live, as I would love to be a part of the conversation.


I’m not aware of any additional approaches that could have been made to yield additional information. There is nothing unclear at this time, nor any clarification needed.