Teen Pregnancy Prevention


Experimental designs are the gold standard of research because they help eliminate any other explanation for why an intervention does or does not work. However, experimental designs are difficult in social service settings for many reasons. For purposes of practicality, we often opt for quasi-experimental designs that introduce limitations to our research (threats to validity). While it is nearly impossible to eliminate every threat to validity, there are ways to mitigate those threats.


Download and read the scenario for your group topic (see the list below). Create an original discussion post where you identify two potential threats to validity and craft ways to mitigate those threats.

In your peer responses, critique your peers ideas related to limiting the threats to validity. Any ideas to improve upon their strategies? Are there other threats to validity that are more important?

Big Hint:

View the powerpoint on threats to validity before starting.


Q: What citations do I need for this discussion post?
A: For this post, citations are not needed, but if you do use citations, use them appropriately.