Spa Product

Background: Many hotel property owners and hotel management teams of hotels, and resorts, are adding a luxury Spa to their property. Unfortunately, much of the time, the spa is underutilised or even empty. As a result, spa’s in hotels often represent an additional cost factor, instead of an incremental revenue source.

Research, analyse and discuss in detail both why and how the Spa Product needs to be managed more strategically to better optimize the revenue from this facility. Your essay is NOT to include outsourcing the spa as an option. Ensure that within your essay you include:

* the broad strategies to be used,

* specific tactics that would be used within those strategies,

* how those decisions would be made,

* and provide examples of how improvement could be measured and expressed.

PLEASE: Expect to use 6 credible references that must be no more than 10 years old.

Be mindful of who the author is of any blogs you choose to use. Diversity of references is to be considered, but must include readings 2.1, 2.2, & 2.3 from the Subject Required Materials list.