Performance-enhancing drugs

Question answers must be atleasst 2 paragraphs each


Levinthal, C. (2015). Drugs, behavior, and modern society (8th Ed.). This is the only resource you should need.


1.Relate the biomedical model of mental illness to the development of psychiatric drugs.


2.Describe and elaborate on the present-day concerns about gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB).

3.Analyze the challenges in designing effective substance-abuse treatment programs.

4.Could the public associate a valuable medicinal agent (i.e., a medicine) with the dark world of doping and performance-enhancing drugs? Even worse, could some people accuse these companies of developing drugs the could be misused by athletes as a way of enhancing sales? Discuss the implications.

5.Discuss the phenomenon of dependence, acute toxicity, and some medical applications of caffeine.

6.Discuss the components of school-based substance-abuse prevention programs that have worked in the past.

7.Discuss sleep aids and cough-and-cold remedies as some of the other classes of over-the-counter drugs.

8.Discuss the importance of different sociocultural filters for effective substance-abuse prevention.

9.Describe the biopsychosocial model of substance abuse treatment.

10.Examine the importance of family systems in substance-abuse prevention attempts.