social enterprise’s theory

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Evaluate a social enterprise of your choosing. Please choose a health care enterprise.

The social enterprise can be in any location and targeted to address any social or environmental problem. However, be sure that it meets the criteria for being a social enterprise. Refer to class discussions, the list of social enterprise definitions in Courseworks and readings, particularly “Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know” by David Bornstein and Susan Davis, and, “A Typology for Social Entrepreneurs: Motives, Search Processes and Ethical Challenges” by Shaker A. Zahra et al. Make sure that there is sufficient information available online about the social enterprise so that you can research and understand its model. Consider news articles, case studies, documentaries, the SE’s website or summaries by funders. Provide an orientation to the social enterprise you chose and why it qualifies as a social enterprise.

Then evaluate the social enterprise using what we have covered in class. Explain the central problem(s) you believe the social enterprise is targeting and the assumptions it seems to make about the problem’s root causes, its enablers/inhibitors, the key stakeholders that are engaged and the contexts it must account for. What leverage points do you believe the social enterprise has identified and what theory of change do you believe the enterprise is following as a result? Finally, explain the revenue model and its role in supporting the mission of the social enterprise. Using this account as a foundation, evaluate the social enterprise considering the following:

  • What do you believe the social enterprise has gotten right about its understanding of the problem and what is required to create change?
  • What insights might have the enterprise not accounted for that could possibly improve its model for creating change or even its very viability as an enterprise?
  • Based on these or other insights, how do you suggest the social enterprise’s theory of change and impact model be improved and made more effective?

Please limit your paper to no more than 8 pages. Use Times New Roman, 11 point font and 1.5 spacing between lines.