Medical malpractice cases

1. We hear stories in the news about cases of medical malpractice that could have been prevented. For your initial post, conduct research for ways to prevent medical malpractice cases. Provide at least 3 ways to prevent these types of cases. How will these prevention measures lead to a decrease in malpractice cases?

PLEASE GIVE DETAILS… I DO NOT NEED THIS WRITTEN AS A PAPER… It is just a discussion … however, I need a citation at the end written in APA format.

2. Select a situation in which you have had or observed a communication barrier due to diverse cultures (age, ethnicity, socio economic status, etc.) as a medical administrative assistant or in a healthcare setting . Explain the situation and how you or someone else worked through the barrier to effectively communicate and provide quality customer service.

This is also a discussion… I do not need a whole paper written .. just a paragraph. . . please give details and examples.