Cholesterol Awareness


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For part one

. What I need is writing reflection for chapter 2&3 .

Please focus on these point :

Healthcare Quality and Data Quality

Value Based Health & Meaningful Use

Explore Process Step

Stat Explore Node

Graph Explore Node

Modify Process Step

Impute Node

Interactive Binning Node

Replacement Node

Transform Variable Node

I have attached the book you need so just read and paraphrase , just that easy .

For part 2 :

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) analyzes BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System) data, to provide localized health information that can help public health practitioners identify local emerging health problems, plan and evaluate local responses, and efficiently allocate resources to specific needs. Review the data and recommend an action plan for public health practitioners.


From the BRFSS page, click Prevalence Data and Data Analysis Tools, and then click Prevalence and Trends Data.

Select one Class and Topic for the most current year available (e.g. Cholesterol Awareness -> Cholesterol High)

Provide the measure(s) definition for the map/chart. How does Florida compare to the nation on the selected class/topic?

Using an Evidence-Based-Practice (EBP) approach connecting with your knowledge from Chapter 2, provide a summary action plan recommendation to public health practitioners for ways to improve the particular factor in Florida (best practices in other states, methods, etc.).

Please be sure to include and cite your sources following best writing practices.

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