Health administration

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This project focus on a specific issue/ problem in health administration or public health.

write research paper about Relevance of health information exchange

Follow the outline provided below.

Double-spaced with pages numbered

Use APA Style Guidelines to format the paper and to site the resources you use to develop the paper. (Kindly, be honest to cite the correct source)

I have proposal paper, I attached it

Introduction – “Set the stage,” “paint the picture,” of the problem you are researching…. what type of

organization(s) is the problem present in (if any), who are the players, why is your topic a problem and

what has led to this problem. Use subheading to organize. Remember: The more complex the situation,

the longer this section will be.

Introduction to the problem – at this point, the reader should know what the problem is and it may feel

repetitive to state it, but provide a clear and concise statement of the problem. List goals or what are

expected outcomes of the project. Typical length is a couple of paragraphs.

looking for tutor can work with me step by step in this research until we finish it ^_^

That is only for introduction the research