Depressive symptoms

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Research Paper (4pages, double-spaced): Using your Group proposal statement as a starting point, conduct library search utilizing 4 academic peer reviewed journal article of which two must contain research project.The research project conducted by the authors of the paper must be summarized and include, overview, reason for the study, subjects, methods, results and the authors conclusion. The student shall then write about how the study has implications on the topic at least four (4) academic peer-reviewed journal articles and other scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter, research report) on the topic can be utilized as supplementary informative information; summarize the research findings and conclusions; and reflect on their overall implication for older adults and their families. Students must research and write their own paper.(120%)APA format required. 6 fully written pages must be included in the group paper.Any student who fails to write 6 full pages (7/8,3/4, 1,2) will lose 255 of their paper grade.The Group Leader will not adjust or make corrections on their group members individual papers. Each student is responsible for writing their references in APA format including in-text citations! Students may only utilize 2 sentences of quotes written by the author for the entire 6 page paper. Students must identify the quote per APA standards. Maximum of 2 quotes per student paper any student who utilizes more than 2 quotes receives a 50% deduction on their paper.All paper will be placed in SafeAssign.Evidence of plagiarism will result in the student receiving an F (zero) for the project and being report to the academic Integrity Commission that lead to the student being sanctioned by the university!Utilize Purdue Owl and have numerous in-text citations! Groups members are permitted from writing their peers papers.This assignment is based upon numerous factors and must be the students own written work!

This was my proposal:


Depression is A mental health disorder categorized by ongoing depressed mood or loss of interest in everyday activities, resulting in a significant deficiency in daily life.

In this part of the paper, we will be discussing what depression is, major cause and possible treatments. Also, I will discuss how early intervention is important for parole how suffer from depression and their families. The paper will also mention some important facts and statistics about depression. The paper will discuss how many percent does depression patients represent. Moreover, it will talk about some major difference regarding gender and how depression is different from man to women. ultimately, the paper will discuss the biological, psychological, and social influences of depression. moreover, it will cover the risk and anti-health factors that will increase or worsen the depression.


According to the article “what causes depression in adults?”. By Bembowaska& Josko. The problems of depression became vital and have to be treated among people. in these days, the number of people with depressive symptoms is continually increasing and some of its symptoms are difficult to be diagnosed, that include mood swings, explosiveness, propulsion disorders, puissance, insomnia, concentration problems etc.


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