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Read the articles listed below and then write a 1-2 page paper in APA format, using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:

Imagine your 19 year old cousin has recently gone through many changes in his life and you suspect he is suffering from major depression.

  1. What would you tell your cousin about this disease?
  2. How would you help him find the best treatment possible?
  3. What type(s) of therapy would you recommend?
  4. How would a psychologist determine his or her behavior to be normal or abnormal?


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TEEN DEPRESSION Six years ago, my daughter, then in sixth grade, tried to commit suicide. Under assault by so- called “popular” girls at school, Alicia could no longer face the ordeal of getting up in the morning and going to class. The binds that tie- and heal: how families cope with mental illness. Depression Beyond Serotonin