Standard Deviation

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  • Hi, first 3 questions I need 2-2 1/2 double space page, rest is short answer
  • 1. Whaley & Geller (2007) discuss a cognitive process model of clinical decision-making with minority populations.Provide a synopsis of their article including discussion of the different types of Bias Hypotheses, the different types of cognitive representations of categories, Motivated Reasoning, and their suggestions for future directions in the field.(please see attached document)
  • 2. A bit of self – reflection:Think of you entering into an assessment situation.Provide a reflection on yourself as a clinical interviewer.What do you see as your relative strengths and weaknesses?(bilingual, experienced, empathy, impatient)
  • 3. Regarding our discussion of the assessment of minority populations, provide me with YOUR hypothesis of what may underlie the persistent “1 Standard Deviation” difference in the cognitive assessment of African Americans.(see attachment-assessment of minority-first page in attachment is last in paper)
  • 4. Describe the conclusion of the Barnard & Olivarez (2007) article.
  • 5. Provide a brief discussion of the theoretical distinctions between the MMPI-2, the PAI and the MCMI-III.
  • 6. Re: The MCMI-IV – Provide a brief explanation of the constructs of Existence, Adaptation, Replication and Abstraction.