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Hello I need help with my Medical Assistant Assignment. I will need an APA style two page paper (Minimum). I have attached the complete assignment along with one of the job postings I hope to apply for after successfully completing my MA course. Additional Information to add: I want to work at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, in Portsmouth, Virginia. My husband has been serving in the military for 20 years now, and because of my appreciation for the military I want to use my acquired skills from my MA course to help those in the military.


ENGL102 American Public Medical Assistant Career Discussion

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For this activity, you will share your knowledge of your chosen profession. Your responses to the following questions should draw on research as necessary. Though this is not a formal paper, present your response as a set of paragraphs rather than as responses to individual questions. It is not necessary to cite your sources formally, but this work may become part of a more extensive project for this course that may require formal documentation. Do use quotation marks for any passages taken directly from a source and provide a list of all sources you have used. • Locate a job posting in your field that might interest you after graduation, one where the employer is identified rather than an anonymous posting or staffing agency opening. Discuss what aspects of the position interest you. Is this an entry-level position or one you