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In the Middleboro Physician Care Services, Inc. case, you are asked to examine the operations of an ambulatory, non-emergent care clinic which treats private and occupational health patients and provides services which do not include continuing or specialized medical care. Physician Care Services, Inc. is currently facing a number of challenges and opportunities which will impact their profitability.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Read Case 3: Physician Care Services, Inc., including Tables 3.2 and 3.3. Review the issues that surround provider productivity, to evaluate whether the organization can be successful in the new era of health care reform.

The Assignment:

In 2–3 pages, describe the metric(s) you will use to evaluate the organization’s productivity. Explain how you will use the metric in evaluating productivity, and how the data will help measure the potential of the organization’s success in the new era of health care reform.


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295 295 Case 3 291 372 Physician Care Services, Inc. 875 291 Copyright © 2013. Health Administration Press. All rights reserved. P hysician Care Services, Inc. (PCS), was founded as a for-profit corporation on January 1, 2000. Three physicians each own 20 percent of the stock, and one physician owns 40 percent. PCS currently offers nonemergent care services in two locations—at the Alpha Center just outside the city limits of Middleboro in Mifflenville and at the Beta Center in Jasper, close to the Jasper industrial park and suburban neighborhoods. At these locations ambulatory medical care is provided on a walk-in basis. PCS centers do not offer emergency services. If a patient arrives needing emergency services, an ambulance is called to transport the patient to the nearest hospital emergency department. The Alpha Center