demand for health care

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100 words per question with citations

Please answer the following questions regarding demand for health care.

  • In your own words use utility analysis to explain why people demand health. How does the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility fit into the analysis?
  • How would you expect the price elasticity of demand for medical care to vary with health status? Give a specific example.


Please answer the following questions regarding moral hazard and health disparities:

  • Define moral hazard and give an original example. Do you agree with this concept of moral hazard, explain your answer?
  • What are the main determinants in health disparities and how can these be modified to improve health status and create health equity in society? In addition to what is in the text, elaborate on these determinants and solutions based on observations that you have made in your own life.


Please answer the following questions regarding diminishing marginal productivity and the supply curve.

  • In your own words, explain the law of diminishing marginal productivity. Be sure to mention why the law tends to hold in the short run.
  • Based on your readings this week, in your opinion which factors impact the supply curve for physicians the most? In your own words, explain how each factor impacts the supply curve.