Reflective Practice Problem

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Reflective Practice Problem: scenario

This is the scene of an accident on site. A migrant worker has fallen to his death whilst working on the second floor of an office block. He reported for work but said he was very ill but given that there was already a shortage of labour on site due to the flu epidemic the Site Manager refused to allow him to go home. None of his co-workers saw him fall or hear him cry out. There was accumulated rubbish in the stairwell including reinforcement rods that contributed to the fatal accident. The site manager was not on site. He was called to another site that he was managing leaving you, a junior QS in charge and to find the body. The site was running late due to resource issues leading to cash flow problems.

The majority of the workforce on site is migrant and there have been some communication problems. The worker who was killed was the best English speaker and was the unofficial leader of the migrant contingent.

The site manager is experienced but overworked. The QS is keen but new to the company and is preparing for his APC. The Contracts Director also acts as Financial Director and is rarely seen on site. There are heavy liquidated and ascertained damages on this contract and company is already losing money on it.

On the day of the accident the Site Manager did a 2 minute handover to the QS and stated that the imperative was to keep to the output targets for the day The migrant worker approached the QS and again said he was feeling ill but the QS asked him to stay and do what he felt able.


This coursework is in TWO parts. Each part is of EQUAL value

Part One

You are to view this problem outlined in respect of the fatality on site from three perspectives

Perspective 1 as Site Manager (site staff)

Perspective 2as Contracts Director (off site staff)

Perspective 3 as the Junior QS (site staff)

Chose one of the models shown and, having justified your choice, from each of the perspectives outlined above identify the lessons learned and the actions to be taken to ensure that this situation is not repeated.

Part Two

Having suffered this fatality on site the Board of the Construction Company have asked to prepare a report for them to include the following:

  • The extent of their liability for the death on site
  • The framework for risk management that should have been in place
  • The extent to which this framework could have prevented the fatality
  • The extent to which the culture of the organisation contributed to the fatality.


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Part 1 On a construction site, a migrant worker died on duty. Prior to start working, he requested the Site Manager to grant him a sick leave as he was not feeling well at all. As half of the manpower was absent due to a flu outbreak and he was the sole English-translator employee, the Site Manager refused. Moments later, the Site Manager had to leave for another site and quickly handed over the site to an inexperienced Junior QS, emphasising with him to focus on work outputs. The worker reiterated his request for sick leave to the Junior QS, who also refused. Afterwards the QS found the dead body of the worker down the stairwell, with his body perforated with steel rods. In this assignment, we shall go through a reflective process by the Site Manager, the Junior QS and the Contracts’ Director to identify shortcomings and improvements for the future. A reflective process is an activity