family characteristics and health

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For this assignment, you will research, write and present an integrative paper on some aspect of family characteristics and health. Families are often considered to be the frontline for health/wellness and the delivery/support system for health care. Health can be defined as complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. For this assignment, you will explore the relationship between family characteristics (e.g., SES, structure, dynamics, knowledge, geographic location, human and social capital) and health/wellness. Consider both physical and psychological health and/or issues as reproductive health, abortion, fertility, chronic illness, caretaking, disabilities, and others. Some questions to stimulate your thinking include: How does the particular health/wellness issue affect families? What are attitudes towards that issue (your own and within particular families, communities, states, regions, societies)? How do cultural attitudes towards the health/wellness issue impact families and/or treatment? How are services provided? Prevention? What works for families? What could be better? Consider the variations in family composition. Do cultural attitudes impact certain families more than others? Is there evidence of families who are more vulnerable related to that health/wellness issue? Why?

There are numerous questions you could consider related to families and a particular health issue. Be sure to explain the health issue you chose (demographic information/prevalence, history, and treatment).In your paper and presentation, please discuss impacts on both families in the US and at least one of the countries from the Families in a Global Context text.


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