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To Prepare:

  • Review the Week 5 Assignment Instructions provided in this week’s Resources.
  • Research three companies or organizations in your region.
  • Reflect on how each company or organization approaches the promotion of work-life balance.


Read the following scenario:

You have noticed there is a drop in energy and enthusiasm at work. As the Health Promotion Manager, you have decided it is important to develop a program that will help you and your co-workers achieve a better work-life balance.

For this Assignment, you will develop a proposal for a work-based work-life balance program that you will present to senior leadership. Your proposal should be 3–5 pages in length and should include the following:

  • An explanation of the relationship between stress and overall health
  • A selected health behavioral theory or model to use as a framework for your proposal on work-life balance
  • Targeted outcomes of the program (specifically, how will this program contribute to work–life balance in the workplace and promote coping strategies for overall population health?)
  • Motivators that might be included in the work-life balance program to engage employees to participate
  • Innovative ideas from other companies you researched in preparation for this Assignment that make sense within your theoretical framework
  • Three to five peer-reviewed sources.

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