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2) Read about TWO different interventions listed in the article by clicking on the information links provided by the article and/or by researching the intervention with empirically supported sources (such as journals) and Read Chapters 11 and 12 in the book.
3) Identify what the 2 interventions that you chose from the magazine article at the top of your submission.
4) Describe in full detail, USING AT LEAST ONE QUOTE, citing the book page number,
A) What each intervention is. (Eg. What is its name, why is it called that, what is the mechanics of the intervention, what is said/done?)
B) Why and how each one works. (By How/Why it works you must answer what is the underlying reason for the way that it works? Would it work for anyone in any situation?)
C) Why and how each one can help the client.
5) Answer the question: Are there times when these intervention could be ineffective or be harmful to the client? Give the full reasoning for your answer. Scores will be based off of completeness of your answer and depth of your answer.

6) Optional: Share any of your thoughts you have on these interventions as a part to therapy. Do not include your personal thoughts in any other section. Only research and data, with citations, belong in parts 1 through 5. Opinions, thoughts, personal experiences, and anecdotal evidence have their place but not in your answers to questions 1-5. You will be docked points for including these things in your submission for parts 1-5.

There is no required length but to get full credit you must sufficiently answer, at minimum, the items and include in your discussion the page citation of each of the three required readings.
ONE DIRECT QUOTE, you can paraphrase further information but you must cite the page number.

Your response must be in 12 point Times new roman font. Double spaced. Uploaded and submitted to canvas by the time posted on Canvas.


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