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Discussion Assignment Requirements: Please respond to the question with 250 words and support with four academic references or peer-reviewed journals. One may be the textbook. Please use four academic references or peer-reviewed journals.

What is the relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance? Utilize at least three peer-reviewed journal articles and the research to support your contentions.

Complete Assignment Requirement: Write a minimum of 1500 words for the total assignment response excluding references. Please make sure you answer all questions and distribute your responses evenly within the answers. A minimum of four scholarly/ EBSCO external sources references behind the textbook.

For this assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.

  • Why must job performance, training, and employee learning be integrated in order to be effective? Describe the primary considerations when designing training. What are the objectives of on-going training and development? Discuss the common types of HR specific training for health care professionals.
  • What are performance appraisals, and how are they used for development plans? Identify and discuss the four major appraisal methods identified in the text. Describe the three components of feedback systems. Why is feedback important?