Your Ethical Blueprint

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Ethics in a Pandemic World – Week 8 Assignment 1

Your Ethical Blueprint

These eight weeks have perhaps encouraged you to change how you determine what your actions will be as you live your life in a Pandemic World. Important choices can be made upon well supported ethical principles and evaluated based upon what you feel is most important; the deontological view of making moral choices regardless of the outcomes or consequences, or the utilitarian view of doing what provides the most good for the most people. Perhaps you have begun to question how you view your use of the environment or stereotypes regarding the poor creating a more global worldview of how you view things. With everything fresh in your mind, it will be helpful to begin a plan to apply some of what you have learned. Ethics may seem like an all or nothing proposition. I have spent 30 years participating in ethical dilemmas, often life and death decisions. I have found that most of us find that magic golden mean – that place in the middle that can provide those with opposing views enough common ground to move forward, take action, and then evaluate the outcomes, from which we continue to learn.

Personalize a PPT presentation on My Ethical Principles that you may use as you traverse a pandemic world.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Choose at least one ethical principle from each chapter this course has covered that you choose to follow (we covered 13 chapters, refer to each week)

Summarize each principle, why you have chosen it, and how you plan to apply it, in 1-2 PPT slides per principle

Compile all the slides into a presentation and submit to the dropbox. It is preferred you use voiceover, but speaker’s notes are acceptable.

Cite any references used. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Use your own words. Copying and pasting is not allowed.