County’s community health issues

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Part 1

A. Summarize Benton County’s community health issues by doing the following:

1. Describe four priority health issues in the Benton County community.

2. Discuss an improvement goal (i.e., a desired health outcome) for each health issue discussed in part A1.

3. Discuss how each priority health issue aligns with both state and national priorities, as well as tribal priorities, if applicable.

4. Explain how you will involve stakeholders in the problem-solving process for the outlined health issues.

5. Provide a financial strategy that would support the needs of the community.

Part 2

B. Select any two of the four health issues from part A1 and design a community health improvement plan for Benton County tailored to those issues. Complete the attached “Community Health Improvement Plan Template” for Benton County for two of the four issues by doing the following:

1. State the priority health issue.

2. Provide a desired health outcome for the stated issue.

3. Outline short-term (1–2 years) and long-term (3–5 years) performance indicators that will be used to monitor changes in performance.

a. Identify the sources you will use to obtain information on these short-term and long-term indicators, as well as the frequencies of measurement.

4. Provide two SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) objectives that align with the outcome identified in part B2. Include the following:

● whether the objective is operational, transformational, or other

● evidence or data sources to support each objective

● whether the objective will lead to a policy change

Note: You may also choose to provide a link to any program sites as applicable.

5. Develop an action plan that outlines two to three steps needed to achieve each of the SMART objectives in part B4 by including the following:

Note: Each SMART objective will require an action plan that corresponds to it.

● a target date

● resources needed for the action

● the key/lead person who will initiate the action, provide direction for the work, or monitor progress

● the anticipated result

● how the progress of the action will be tracked

6. Explain your plan for sustaining change for the actions you have undertaken in each action plan.

Note: Repeat steps from parts B1–B6 for the second health issue or priority area selected.

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