Answer The Question

  1. The question to answer in your video review is, “What does Baraka’s play, Dutchman, reflect about what was happening in the year of 1964?”
  2. Give an overall summary of the plot of Dutchman and an overall summary of the 1960s.
  3. When you do your close analysis of the play, you must draw from at least 3 of the 4 sources you’ve read about the year 1964
  4. you must draw a clear and direct connection between the play and what you’ve learned about 1964.  This means you will reference specific quotes from the play “Dutchman” and explain how they relate to a point made in each of the articles you read on 1964.
  5. The literary element of focus will be Character, in this case the characters of Clay and Lula. Your analysis should focus on how their interaction reflects things happening in 1964 (NOTE: Avoid simplistic analytical statements like, “Clay represents Black America” and “Lula represents White America”. Clay and Lula are CHARACTERS and your analysis should focus on what they say, what they do, and the way they behave towards each other).