M5 Assignment 1: Outline For Research Paper Instructions


The outline for your research paper, once crafted, will provide a blueprint and map for the final construction of your paper. Take the time to identify all the required elements so that you can expand on them for the final submission in Module 6.

For an example of an outline, check out this example from another ANT course.  Please review the Research Project Overview in the Syllabus section for an explanation of all components of the paper.


  1. Using the information you gathered from Module 2 Assignment 1: Research Topic Selection, develop an outline for the final research paper. The outline should include:
    • A title and structure to show the basis for supporting paragraphs using appropriately named headings and subheadings.
    • The major points of the paper clearly stated and relating directly to the thesis statement.
    • The argument should be very clear and logical, and the organization of ideas should be very effective.
    • The supporting examples/details should be clear, well-chosen, and properly cited in correct APA format. See the CCCOnline APA Toolkit for assistance.
    • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic through an outline structure that will allow for answers to the following questions (required in your final paper):
      • Discuss the social, political, and economic organizations of your chosen site.
      • Does your site/culture have a written language?
      • Discuss the form of communication.
      • What are the belief systems of your site/culture?
      • Describe specific artifacts or ecofacts associated with your site/culture.
      • Conclude with your analysis, based on your archaeological evidence, of why and how this culture rose and fell.
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