M5 Discussion 2: Public Archaeology


For this discussion, you will cover the sector of public archeology. Be sure to complete the readings for this module as preparation for your initial post.


Initial Post

Be sure to answer the prompt thoroughly and provide APA-style citations as needed.

  • Why is public archaeology important?
    • Give at least two reasons.
    • Include two examples where a local, state, or federal agency has implemented a program, website, etc. for these reasons.

Response Posts

  • Read through your instructor’s and classmates’ posts.
  • Post a substantive response to at least two other classmates’ initial post. Make sure the post contributes to the conversation rather than just saying something like “I agree with you” or “You did a good job on this post”.

See the Schedule in the Syllabus Module for due dates and the Rubric attached to this Discussion for grading information. Answer posts are due earlier than responses to others.