Project Management Overview : Unit VI Assessment, Unit VII Assessment, Unit VII Research Paper

Unit VI Assessment

  1. Describe at least three alternative approaches to decision making on a project team and describe when each is most appropriate. Your essay must be a minimum of 200 words.
  2. Identify and describe five characteristics of a high-performing project team. Your essay must be a minimum of 200 words.

Unit VII Assessment

  1. Identify two actions a project manager can take to avoid terminating a project early. If these actions are not effective, how should the project manager approach an early termination? Your essay must be a minimum of 200 words.
  2. what is “validate scope” and why is it important to the project? Your essay must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

Unit VII Research Paper


Search the CSU Online Library (CSU Online Library Research Guide) and find a project that was not completed successfully. Write a three-page summary of the project, including the reasons why you think this project failed. Also, include project lessons learned and record how lessons learned were used to inform projects. How does this compare to what was discussed in this unit?

Be sure to use APA format and cite your work. Your summary should be at least three pages in length and will include a title and reference page which are not included in the page count.