The final core assessment for this course is a two-part paper depicting a role play. You should have received approval from your instructor regarding Part I of your paper. You should be making revisions based on instructor feedback as well as working on Part II.


Part II


  • Maximum length allowed for Part II is 4 typed pages-single spaced is okay. Be clear and concise.
  • Include the bolded phrases below and follow the outline.
  • Don’t use complete sentences (e.g., Use “In business for 20 years” instead of “We have been in business for past 20 years”).


  1. Objections
    • Include an exhaustive list of all possible objections (minimum of 20)
    • Number them (1, 2, 3…)
    • Use single space
    • Use 1st person form of pronouns and verbs (e.g., “I don’t like…”).
    • Objections should fit on one page (use size 10 font and reduce page margins if necessary).
    • These MUST be VERY specific to the scenario you have set up (e.g., not just something like “The value does not exceed the cost”).
    • You MUST include here the good things about your competitor’s products and the bad things about your product.
  2. Responses
    • Starting on the next page of your paper tell how you would hope to respond to each of the objections you just listed.
    • Use 1st person style.
    • Number them to correspond to the numbers on the “List of Objections” page.
  3. Conclusion
    • How the Sales Partnership Practice was exemplified in the planning and presentation.
    • How technology would have been instrumental in the process, to include finding the customer.
    • How the Sales Process was implemented.
    • How ethical and legal issues affected the planning and presentation.
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