Topic: Economics

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Economics : Macroeconomics

Format or citation style: APA


4.    Write an essay (700 good words, approximately 3 pages) in which you compare and contrast the statistics for these three countries.  Use the information in your table to describe the differences between your three countries.  Your explanations should reflect the definitions and concepts learned in class.
•    Include the following in your essay:  population and demographics, GDP and the composition of spending, labor utilization, government budget and debt position, and the standard of living.  When discussing the standard of living, compare/contrast education, health, income distribution, and access to banking services.
•    Comment on the difference in rank between the GNI and HDI for each country.  Note that low rank is better.  What does it mean if a country is ranked higher in GNI than HDI (or vice versa)?
•    Add value.  Do not just translate the data table into paragraphs.  The reader has the table and can see all the data.  Instead, think about your data.  Put it into context.  Make observations.  Note differences in orders of magnitude.  Make connections between different measures.  Tell a story.
•    You are expected to use ONLY the data in your table.  You are not expected to do any additional research on the countries.  Do not use the country summaries in the CIA Factbook.  Your grade will be severely penalized if you include information from these summaries that is not included in your data table.

5.    Save your work.  Upload your completed Data Table and Essay into Moodle.