Make TWO 250-word reflection essays out of these questions

· The first 250 word essay

· Describe why juveniles are treated differently than adults

· Explain the difference between juvenile delinquency and status offenses

· Summarize the three conceptions of delinquency and how they relate to our responses to juvenile delinquency

· Identify the social context in which juveniles are living and its effect on the well-being of children

The second 250 word essay

· Compare and contrast the concepts of individual and institutional racism, classism, and sexism

· Explain why intersectionality is important

· Describe the role of the sociological imagination in explaining the societal response to juvenile delinquency

(1) two original reflection essays (250-word essay each that ends with a prompting question)

1. For the 250-word weekly reflection essays, please observe basic writing mechanics, including proper vocabulary, grammar, syntax, logic, relevancy and conceptual clarity. You will be graded on substance as well as writing mechanics. First, all students are required to write two original reflection essays based on the assigned readings, each with no fewer than 250 words in complete sentences, and a prompting question (for your classmates to respond or comment) at the end of each essay.