Health Sciences (Topic- Safe Injection Site)

Write a paper, six pages in length, double-spaced, with a 12 point, Times New Roman font, and one inch margins, to be submitted to as a .docx file and not a .pdf file.

Please cite your sources using APA citation style and include a source list one the final page(s) of your document (this does not count towards your page length).

-> Consider the following case where Safehouse, an organization in the US, was forced to withdraw its plans to open the nation’s first safe injection site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: (Links to an external site.)

Vancouver Coastal Health and the Portland Hotel Society co-founded a safe injection site in the Downtown Eastside (Insite) that has been operating since 2003: (Links to an external site.)

**You have been hired as an ethics consultant for the City of Philadelphia on the Safehouse case. Write a justification paper arguing for the opening of Safehouse [ (Links to an external site.)]. Your arguments will be used to inform the city’s official policy on this matter.


Be sure to use one or more ethical theories, values, and/or political philosophies from the course to explain and justify your arguments. What ethical theories/values/philosophies should guide your argument and why? It is also important to identify and consider a valid critique of your argument.

Your paper should have the following structure:

First, give a very short (two or three sentence) introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement that states both your position and the basis for that position. Be specific. For example: “In this paper, I argue that the City of Philadelphia should support the proposal to develop a facility as justified by the ethical principle of…”

Second, provide an argument for your thesis. Be clear as to your assumptions and claims and how they are defended. You should draw on one or more of the authors and ethical theories discussed in class for this task. For the ethical approach you are using, clearly state the theory and the arguments supporting it. Discuss why you believe this is the correct ethical theory to use. You may offer additional, relevant facts to the discussion from outside of our readings.

Third, offer a single critique of your view. Put yourself in the position of a critic and offer the best response to your position available. This portion of the paper allows you to make sure that you are developing the strongest argument possible by rebutting the best objection your opponent can offer to your view.

Fourth, offer a response to your opponent. If you do not believe an effective response is available, grant the point and amend your thesis accordingly.

Fifth, in a single paragraph offer a very brief conclusion to your argument.

The paper must be submitted to Late papers will be docked a half letter grade per day late. Be sure to proofread your paper as grammar and spelling errors tend to distract from the clarity of your argument. If you will be unable to finish the paper by the deadline, please let your TA know in advance.

Grading Rubric

General: (10 points)

Is the language used throughout the paper clear?

Thesis: (2.5 points)

Is there a clear, concise thesis statement?

Argument: (45 points)

Does the student give a clear and accurate presentation of an ethical theory or theories from class?

Does the student explain why this theory has been chosen?

Does the student apply the ethical theory to the case in a way that is illuminating of one’s ethical duty?

Does the student apply the ethical theory to the case in a way that is consistent with the ethical theory?

Does the student use sufficient and reputable outside references (5 or more) to support his or her argument?

Critique: (20 points)

Does the student give the strongest available critique of his or her argument?

Is the critique presented clear and well motivated?

Response: (20 points)

Is the student’s response to the critique charitable or fair to the critique?

Is the student’s response to the critique compelling?

Does this response help illuminate and motivate the original argument?

Conclusion: (2.5 points)

Does the student give a concise conclusion to the paper?